Micro-USB “X29 Superior style” charging data kabel

Micro-USB “X29 Superior style” charging data kabel

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Šifra proizvoda: x29
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Product Description

1. Charging cable length 1 meter. Weight is 23g for more convenience, besides, this cable thick and tough.
2. TPE material plug with in-mold tanning process, as well carbon fiber texture and integrated logo design. Also, a premium, smooth finish TPE braid which is not tangle, and allows your device to sync and charge simultaneously.
3. Compatible with all devices with Micro-USB port, and, as well, support data transmission. USB-A connector for all USB car and wall chargers.
4. Finally, 118 four-core tin-plate oxygen-free copper core wire provide maximum current up to 2A for stable and quick charging perfomance.

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